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Betway Jackpot – Pick 15 – Pick 6 – The Collosus

It is totally clear what the most popular way to earn money from sport betting is. This is the method where the bookmaker defines the odds for different markets and for different final outcomes in a certain sport event while the punter selects one from these events and markets in a suitable for his or her needs bet. After that, this same punter decided how much money to bet on the selection and in the end, the potential profit is calculated depending on the bet amount multiplied on the odd of the selected bet type (or the total odd from all of the bets if the selection isn’t single, but combination). This standard betting method is available in Betway Zambia and as a matter of fact this is the basic method for placing a bet in the platform.

Yet, I would like to also recommend you one more variety of a sport betting activity that is available in this betting page – the jackpot games with predictions I am talking about. In these types of games, the principle is quite different. Here, the bookie selects the total number and types of the matches and the punter should make a prediction for each of them. When I bet on the jackpot games, I cannot select the exact bet amount (it is fixed by the bookie). On the other side, my eventual profit does not depend on the odd of the selected bet types – in jackpot games there are no odds, as a matter of fact, because the prizes are also fixed.

Not only for the sake of change the sport betting activity, but also because of the bigger potential to get some really good prizes – this is why I regularly choose to play the jackpot games. You can win up to 12 500 000 ZMK when joining these prediction games as long as you succeed in competing one task that isn’t so easy, by the way – to predict all of the matches correctly.

Betway jackpots

Betway Zambia offers three jackpot games and in the next lines I will meet you with each of them. The things I will pay some serious attention at are the following:

  • What are the prizes in these games?
  • How many matches are included in the lists for predictions?
  • What exactly should we predict in these matches – correct score or 1X2 market?

The Collosus

The most popular jackpot game Betway Zambia offers is called Collosus and meanwhile, it is also the most profitable game as it offers the biggest jackpot amount.

We need to predict 7 matches in this game if we want to participate in it. The additional difficulty appears from the fact that we don’t only predict the team that will win, but the correct score of the event.

The top jackpot in this game is 12 500 000 ZMK and there are also different Consolation funds that are spread between the punters with 4, 5 and 6 correctly predicted matches.

CS Pick 6

CS Pick 6 is very alike to The Collosus in many matters. The biggest difference, though, is that in CS Pick 6 the matches you need to predict with correct scores are not 7, but instead 6. Of course, this is good news for the punters, but at the expense of this the prizes are smaller. To be more specific, the jackpot amount is 6 times less than the jackpot in the previous game or in other words it is 2 500 000 ZMK.

1×2 Pick 15

1×2 Pick 15 is my favourite game due to the simple reason that here I don’t have to predict scores in the matches, but only their final outcomes in the 1X2 market. Indeed, the number of the matches here is quite bigger – 15 football matches – but, yet, I still think it is easier to guess the final outcome in 15 events rather than guessing the correct scores in 6 or 7 matches.

The prize I usually fight for in this game is 2 000 000 ZMK.

Betway jackpot games