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1xBet Toto Jackpots

Besides via bets with fixes odds, the punters in 1xBet Zambia can also earn money via betting on sport events in the Toto games. These games give us a chance to win up to 10 million of ZMW with one game only!

In this article I am going to meet you with the types of games the Russian bookmaker offers, as well as their terms and conditions, plus the jackpots they come with.

Terms and conditions, jackpots

In every single prediction game this betting company offers we have at our disposal a certain number of matches from the following sport disciplines: football, ice hockey, basketball or digital sports. As the name of this type of games says they require from you to make a prediction for each of the matches. The prediction, though, depends on the terms and conditions each game comes with. And they are basically formed in two groups of terms and conditions to follow:

  • Predictions for correct score of the event
  • Predictions for the winner in the game

Once you mark your own suggestion about each of the matches from the betslip, you should only press on the button called Place a bet and the minimum price to participate in most of the games is 4.50 ZMW. Meanwhile, if we want to place two predictions for one single event, the minimum betslip amount becomes 9 ZMW and thus the amount continues increasing with two times with each next prediction you add for an event.

1xbet toto bets

The biggest jackpots are usually in the games Toto 15, Football, Correct Score and Easports – FIFA. In all of these games the prizes are given to those who have succeeded in making correct predictions for the events and these prizes reach an amount of up to several millions. On the other side, in Toto 15 game we often see jackpots for more than 10 million of ZMW. In the rest of the games, the big jackpots are a bit smaller, but yet, the Toto games have always big prizes that aren’t less than 100 000 ZMW.

Games in 1xBet Toto

  • Toto 15 – in this game you have the following task: to guess the final outcome in the 1X2 market. The events here are 15 and they are all from football world. The matches you need to predict are usually from the bigger championships in Europe and usually, they are equipollent matches. The prize fund is shared between the punters with 9 to 15 correctly predicted matches while those who manage to predict all of them can win more than 10 000 000 ZMW.
  • Correct Score – here you predict the correct scores in 8 football matches. The events are once again taken from the most interesting European leagues, but in this case we need to predict matches with well-stated favorite. One of the biggest benefits of Correct Score Toto game is the fact that this is the only prediction game where the minimum bet amount is not 4.50 ZMW, but smaller – only 0.50 ZMW. The big jackpot prize here is usually around 1.50 million of ZMW.
  • Football – this game is with similar terms and conditions to Toto 15 game. However, in Football game the number of the events you need to predict is lower. The events are 14. Due to this the jackpot amount is also smaller, but yet, it has also reached more than 3 000 000 ZMW. In this game, those who participate in the prize fund sharing are the punters with at least 9 correctly predicted matches.
  • Ice hockey – only 5 matches from the world of ice hockey. You need to predict them in order to get the prize that is somewhere between 200 000 and 250 000 ZMW but, though, the hard part in this game is your task to predict the correct score, which as you know, in ice hockey is quite more difficult than in football. However, here even if you have only 2 correctly predicted matches, you can participate in the prize sharing.
  • Basketball – in the basketball Toto game we once again have a prize between 200 000 and 250 000 ZMW, but here the number of the events is 9. You, though, must predict not only the winner in the game, but also the number of the points in the Under / Over market type. If you succeed in predicting 4 or more basketball matches you can get a prize from the big jackpot fund.
  • Easports – FIFA – a daily game with predictions on virtual football matches where practically the terms and conditions are the same as those in the Toto 15 game. The Jackpot, though, is quite tough to be taken here and it rarely reaches more than 12 000 000 ZMW.

1xbet toto

1xToto – one more game that takes place every single day. Here, there’s no entrance fee, but you also don’t win real money. What you can win in this game is a set of several bonus points which later, can be exchanged for free bets.