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How to make a withdrawal in Betway Zambia?

Betway is one of those places for gambling in internet, where we receive some of the most generous odds and a wide range of possibilities to earn some cash. What should we do, though, when we win this money? Of course, we can withdrawal them via any convenient payment method (in Betway case we can choose whether to make a withdrawal through Airtel, or through MTN).

Exactly for the withdrawals via this bookmaker we are going to talk right now. Follow these steps and you can get your money faultlessly and fast!

  • 1. When I decide to make a withdrawal from my account in Betway my first action is supposed to be to open the certain page for this process or the one devoted to withdrawals. It is possible when you click on any of these two buttons – My Account or Menu – and then, click on Withdrawal (in the mobile website version there is no button My Account, so in this case you are left with one option only, which is clicking on the menu button)

Betway withdraw

  • 2. When you open the withdrawal page the software will show you two fields that you need to fill in. One of the fields is where you type in the amount you want to withdrawal, while the other one invites me to select the most convenient for me payment method (you can read more details about the possible amounts for a withdrawal, as well as about the available payment methods in Betway in the following lines).
  • 3. Once you fill in these two fields the only thing that is left for me to do and that keeps me away from receiving my money is to click on the button Request Withdrawal. Then, the money goes directly to your account – absolutely immediately!

Withdrawal payment methods

Like in the deposits, here in the withdrawals we have two options for a payment method to select. They are MTN and Airtel.

Practically, there’s no difference what method you will choose, because both of them will not delay you with the transfer anyhow. On the other side, in both of the payment methods the limits are the same or the following:

  • Minimum withdrawal amount – 5 ZMW
  • Maximum withdrawal amount – 3000 ZMW

Betway withdraw funds