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bwin Sports Jackpot

Bwin remains an absolute leader in the Zambian sports betting scene. Most players should be familiar with their bonus offerings by now, but for some time the bookie has also been offering a sports jackpot. Even though its grand prize hasn’t changed since, it remains just as attractive – up to 1,500,000.00 ZMW. How it works and how you can win, you can find out in the following article.

bwin Zambia’s Jackpot

Every month, bwin comes up with a new selection of 13 games, mainly from the European scene. What you have to do is guess all 13 to win the Jumbo Jackpot of 1,500,000 ZMW. Keep in mind that in case you manage along with somebody else, you would have to split the jackpot. Still, there will be plenty left to go around.

Should you guess 12/13 games, you will get 100,000 ZMW, whereas for 11/13 you will get 25,000 ZWM. The smallest consolation prize is 5,000 ZMW – for 10/13 correctly predicted games.

You can only use home, draw, or away, and each one-line bet should be at least 20 ZMW. What is more, matches will be settled only during the official time, excluding extra time or shoot-outs. All results are published on the Jackpot page, whereas the lucky ones will be informed via a system message.


What games does bwin’s jackpot cover?
The jackpot is entirely geared toward football, so you would have to test your football skills if you want to have a shot at it.
Do I have to sign up to play for the jackpot?
Yes, only registered players get access to bwin’s sportsbook and all bonuses, perks and promotions it has to offer.
How often does bwin’s jackpot take place?
Once a month. You can find out on the Jackpot page when the next game selection is going to be published.
Does the jackpot have wagering requirements?
No, jackpot money is paid out in real cash. With that being said, bigger winnings may have to be paid out in installments.
Can I have multiple takes on the jackpot?
Yes, there are no limits on how many times you can take part, but keep in mind that you would have to stake at least 20 ZWM per bet line.