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M-Bet is a football betting website that also offers jackpot games and that operates in Zambia and East Africa.
One of the biggest benefits this bookmaker can brag about is its team of developers and software engineers who have established some of the most perfect working desktop and mobile websites in our country. In addition to these, this betting house is a part of the group formed of the elite betting operators who don’t only offer a mobile website version for mobile betting, but also an application for the purpose. What mobile devices you can use to place mobile bet and what bets you can actually place in this platform are things you are going to find out in the following lines…

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Bets on sport events

We have already told you what this betting company’s biggest benefit is and it’s time to say what the weakest point is – the fact that it offers several times less possibilities for a bet in comparison to the bets the competition provides.

M-Bet doesn’t over live betting category, either. It also does not offer bets on other sport types except on football. Meanwhile, M-Bet doesn’t have more than 10 markets per match.

Now, let’s move to what M-Bet actually offers – pre-match bets on selected football championships and with all these markets:

  • Normal bets (the prediction here is as to who’s going to win the game)
  • Double chance bets
  • Handicap bets for the weaker team to win
  • Bets on first and second half time
  • Bets on Under and Over 2.5 scores
  • Bets on Under and Over 1.5 scores during the first, respectively the second half time
  • Bets for the number of the scorers – even or uneven

m-bet bets on sport events

We cannot say that the football leagues in M-Bet’s program are too many, because we see even championships like the Columbian second football division, but yet, when it comes to this aspect the bookie cannot compete anyhow to the best sport betting websites in our country.

The odds are also not possible to complete those from these same better sport betting websites in Zambia. However, in M-Bet it’s often for us to meet some truly decent odds for some of the most popular matches of the day. It’s a good news that the profit margin (or the percentage of the bets the bookies receives per single market) for the additional bet types isn’t that higher than the profit margin for the 1X2 market, so you will receive comparatively good value of income regardless what you exactly bet.

No matter what, though, what can M-Bet currently offer us is quite not enough especially by having in mind that there are bookmakers with more than 1 000 matches per day all coming from more than 50 sport disciplines.

What can totally compete to the rest betting houses in M-Bet is the bookie’s Jackpot game. It’s called Perfect 12 and what makes it so amazing is the fact that it is arranged on a daily basis with a real chance for the participants to win up to K 100 000 with a bet of only K 5. You need to predict correctly 12 matches in total in order to get the total amount of the jackpot prize. This number of matches isn’t small at all, but the good news is that you don’t have to predict the correct score, but the final winner or the fact that the match will be a draw. A certain part of the collected bet amounts is distributed between the punters with 9-11 correctly predicted matches.

Mobile betting

The mobile betting is one of M-Bet’s strongest points and if you truly want to place your bets in one totally awesome and futuristic atmosphere, this might be the bookie you will love from the very first sight. If you have an Android mobile device, we expect you to be even more pleases as you can download the application for both: smartphone or tablet.

m-bet mobile

In order to get the app, simply enter the betting house’s website version and then, press on the link Download Android App which is located right under the main menu. Then, you will see another button called Download Our App Free. Click on it to enable the downloading, while in the same page there’s also an installation guide. You can find out how to download the application via our article called M-Bet Mobile Apps.

You are going to have an access to 100% of the sport markets, the Perfect 12 game, as well as the entire sets of functions and account management options via both: the mobile website version and the application – on other words, everything you can access via the desktop version is available on the mobile platform, too.

Registration + funding account

We present you all the fields you are expected to fill in if you want to become M-Bet’s official customer:

  • Two names
  • Mobile net – Airtel or MTN
  • Telephone number
  • Password

m-bet registration

There’s nothing complicated or too tough in the registration process and it takes literally a flash of a second to complete it.
Please, have in mind, though, that this registration lets you play only when being on the territory of Zambia.
Later, you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals via your mobile operator’s mobile payment system. Check out more about these in the pages Deposits / Withdrawals which can be found in M-Bet’s central menu.

Bonuses and promotions

It is harsh to believe, but yet the total truth that this betting house doesn’t offer any bonuses. This is why you can now drastically change your opinion as to this particular sport betting platform in Zambia as these days a bookie with no promotions is a very rare case and punters usually don’t like these operators.

Customer support service

There’s a small button in the desktop website, as well as in the mobile betting page and the app to enable the live chat. This button automatically connects you M-Bet’s customer support representative. However, the bookie offers you several other ways to communicate with the customer support team: telephone number for a phone call, social webs and an e-mail address. Yet, we strongly recommend you to use the live chat.

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