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Cash Out 1xBet – How to sell my betslip?

Unfortunately, as to the function cashout that has turn into a mandatory one in most of the sport betting websites from all around the world, I can say it is not so popular in most of the betting companies working in Zambia. The good news, though, is that yet, the cashout function is completely missing on our market and one of the few places you can meet it is the sport betting platform offered by the Russian operator 1xBet.

The idea of this article is to show you how this function works particularly in this bookie, but before that I think it would be useful for you to give you some explanations as to the cash out service in general. As I have already mentioned it, it is not likely at all for you to have met it in other Zambian bookmakers and maybe, many of you don’t even know what it is. And for those, who are going to place their bets online for the first, it is for sure that the cashout service is unknown for them as it is not available in any physical betting shops.

The cashout option is basically selling your betslip and the curious thing here is that in 1xBet the function is called that way – selling your bet, but not cashout service, which is probably the most popular name of the function in all around the world.

1xbet cash out

To sell your betslip means to give up from it and to receive in return a particular amount of money. This amount of money the betting house is going to provide us to buy our betslips depends on the probability these same betslips to become possible currently at this particular moment. It is logical that if the betslip is about to become winning, the betting operator is going to offer you quite more money that is in most cases close to the eventual profit from the betslip.

There’s also a possibility for the amount of money to be less than the one you placed on your bet. it is the case when the chance for my betslip to become winning is too small or smaller than the chance for winning was when I placed the bet.

For example, in case of a bet at 100 ZMW for win of a certain team and a score 0:1 with a goal for the other team, the betting house will definitely offer me less than 100 ZMW to buy my betslip (and that’s the most logical thing the bookie would do).

1xBet allows us to sell our betslips even before the game has started, when in most cases the chances for my bet to be wining haven’t changed a lot. In these cases I can sell my betslip at an amount that is very close to the amount I paid for it.

Here in this betting operator there’s also an option to leave a certain part of the bet active and to sell the other one. I will give you one example so you can understand what exactly I mean.

I have placed a bet at an amount of 100 ZMW and I receive an offer to sell my bet at an amount of 300 ZMW. If I choose to sell half of my bet, I will get 150 ZMW at once (half of the offer to sell my entire betslip). Meanwhile, the other half of my bet will remain active and if the bet occurs to be winning I will get with it half of the potential profit from the betslip.

How to make a cashout in 1xBet?

When I want to make a cashout, I open my betslip and I press on the button called My bets.

Here is where all of the unfinished and pending bets are shown. Right next to each of them there’s a button for cashout.

When I press on this button the website shows me the particular offer for selling the bet and thre’s also a slider from which I can figure out what part of the bet I can close.