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How to make a deposit in Betway Zambia?

In my article called Betway how to register? I have shared with you the steps you need to follow in order to make a registration in this betting page and today I am going to tell you about my experience with the deposits in this Zambian department of the international bookmaker Betway.

Like in the registration process, here in the depositing procedure in this betting page I can definitely praise the company’s development team that has made everything possible to establish a convenient system for deposits thanks to which I found no difficulties in transferring my initial deposit on the page as I made it to orient in the situation at flash of a second. I am sure you will make it, too, as, indeed, you are not going to meet any weird or difficult thing in the depositing procedure. Everything here is crystal clear, transparent and well explained.

Betway deposit

In order to make a deposit the first thing I need to do is to press on the button Deposit. In the mobile website version, as well as in the app, this button is located in a prominent position, right in the middle of the bottom page part.

If you are going to make a deposit via your computer, at first you might get a bit confused as there is no deposit button anywhere in the website. Due to this reason in order to reach such a button you need to firstly press on the Menu. Also, if click on the button My Account the betting page will immediately load for you the depositing page.

When you I open the depositing page, I see a table where the following fields are shown:

  • Method – the payment method icon
  • Description – payment method description
  • Fee – what fee you will be charged with if you make a deposit via the payment method you have selected
  • Process time – what time it will take for the transaction by a concrete payment method to be made
  • Deposit button – right next to each of the available payment methods there is a button called Deposit Now. When you select the payment method you want to use in order to fund your account, press on this button and you will receive further instructions as to how to make your deposit.

Betway deposit funds

Payment methods for a deposit

When the Zambian version for this international bookmaker was released in August 2018 in its page only one payment method was offered – Airtel – yet a bit later another option for payments was added, the one with MTN system.

In both of these payment methods, Betway practically does not limit us as to the minimum deposit amount. Even if I want to make a deposit at an amount of 1 ZMK I will not have any problems in doing so.

There is a limit only as to the maximum deposit amounts. In MTN, we have the right to make single deposits with maximum amount of 3 000 ZMK and within one single day we cannot make deposits with total amount that exceeds 5 000 ZMK.

As to the deposits via Airtel we have only one limit as to the maximum single deposits. It shouldn’t be more than 5 000 ZMK.
This is everything necessary you need to know as to the process for funding your account in Betway, as well as for the payment methods you can use for this purpose. If you want to find out more about the withdrawals, read my article How to make a withdrawal in Betway Zambia?