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Virtual bets in 1xBet

If I need to determine something from the sport betting industry as the most progressing one during the last 2-3 couple of years, it is definitely the virtual sport betting. This betting activity is something that has literally existed for 5 years only, but today, it is offered by almost any big bookmaker.

This article is devoted to both: virtual sports and virtual betting and particularly to these options provided in the East-European bookmaker 1xBet that has put this product on a completely new level. But let me at first tell you more about the virtual sports in general as those of you who have never tried them might be a bit confused right now.

The virtual sports are innovations that come in the world of online betting industry and practically they represent simulation of a sport event from various sport types such as football, tennis, basketball and many more.

The view on your screen is similar to the one from the digital games on sport theme, but the only difference here is that you only watch the event (and if you want to, you also place a bet on it), while the progress of the game is determined by the so called match engine which, on the other side, is based on the conception for random number generator. All of these mean that practically you cannot predict the final outcome of a game by taking under considerations some objective factors like live statistics, the current shape of a player and etc. The virtual sport betting is based fully on fortune, destiny, on customer’s luck. What we are left to do is to enjoy the high quality visualization of the game and meanwhile, to hope that luck is going to be by our side.

In 1xBet Zambia most of the bets on virtual sports are placed in the Live category. I would say that this category also contains the games with the best graphics on the page and this factor makes them even more exciting and interesting.

1xbet live virtual sports

In general, when playing the games from this category we watch matches between bots from popular digital games like FIFA 18, PES, as well as many other digital games with no sport theme such as the following:

  • Counter Strike
  • Angry Birds
  • Laser League
  • Call of Duty
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Steep
  • The King of Fighters
  • StarCraft
  • Flatout
  • Mutant League
  • Injustice
  • BattleField
  • Rocket League
  • HearthStone
  • League of Legends
  • Dota
  • Worms
  • CrosOut
  • BattleRite
  • Many others…

It’s only in this bookie and in any other I have seen bets on simulations of games that aren’t sport. And this is more than an intriguing thing to think about, no doubt! The only problem here, though, is that the idea in most of the games isn’t very clear by default and I need to meet its terms and conditions in advance, so I get the maximum of it, as well as to have fun, too. If you turn out watching, for instance, any simulation of the popular game League of Legends and you don’t know its rules it would be quite more difficult for you to find out if the team you have placed a bet on is really doing fine or no.

The betting company offers virtual sports in its traditional look in the section called Virtual Sports where you are going to find more than 30 games that are fully in sport theme. It is hard to say that these games are even close to the graphics from the FIFA 18 or PES games, for example, but they are definitely not worse or with poorer quality than the sport virtual games in the rest bookies on the market.

1xbet virtual sports

The companies that provide virtual sports in this section of 1xBet Zambia are three in total (in this same section you are actually going to meet a fourth one but practically it does not offer any virtual bets, but bets on the performance of real sport players). These are the companies:

  • Global Bet
  • Golden Race
  • Leap Virtual Gaming