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How to Register an Account With BetLion Zambia

Signing up for BetLion Zambia is a valuable choice due to several compelling reasons. The platform boasts a competitive range of sports betting options, accommodating diverse interests from football to rugby, ensuring you’ll find exciting matches and events to bet on. With a user-friendly interface, BetLion Zambia caters to both beginners and experienced punters, allowing you to navigate effortlessly and place bets with ease. The bookie provides competitive odds, enhancing your potential winnings by offering favorable odds on various sports events. Additionally, BetLion Zambia’s live betting feature brings real-time excitement, enabling you to place bets as events unfold, maximizing your engagement and informed decision-making. To unfold all of this, all you need is an account that is quick and easy to create. Here is how to do it.

BetLion Zambia Sign up

  1. Step One
    Visit BetLion on your device – be it your PC, Android or iPhone. At the top of the website, just right of the menu, you can find the Login and Register buttons. Hit the latter.
  1. Step Two
    Now, you can see BetLion’s registration form. It is quite straightforward, containing three feels you would have to fill in.
  1. Step Three
    Provide the bookie with your phone number (make sure it is yours because it is required for logging in). Next, pick four digits to be used as your access PIN code.
  1. Step Four
    BetLion will send you a text message that contains a code that you would have to put in in order to activate your account. Do it and you will have access to the platform.

Important Things About Your Account

In case your PIN code is compromised, BetLion allows you to change it. To do it, you would have to sign in first and navigate to the My Account page. There, you can see a Change PIN link – open it. Provide your current PIN and then, your new one. Once you are ready, simply confirm by hitting Change PIN.

Furthermore, you can change your phone number. To do so, however, you would have to reach out to BetLion’s customer support=. They will guide you through a sequence of security verification questions before providing recommendations for the change.

Lastly, should you go for BetLion’s mobile app, you don’t have to sign up all over again. Simply use the credentials from your initial registration and you will be ready to place bets on your Android device.