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1xBet Affiliate Program

1xBet is a bookmaker that offers one of the best services on the market, but meanwhile, it isn’t yet the most popular sport betting website. It means that the betting house does have a lot of customers, but there are also customers who are about to meet the bookie and to register in it.

All of these turn 1xBet one of the best options for partnership as it still has a potential to attract new many new customers by offering them high quality company’s products. What you can do from this partnership and attraction is to simply receive quite generous commissions that are offered per each new attracted customer by the partner what you might become, too.

Many entrepreneurs from all around the world have already noticed the big potential of the affiliate program this bookie offers.

1xbet afilliate program

Currently, the number of the partners is more than 12 000. Practically, there are partners in the entire European continent, but also in Asia. Plus – there are 1xBet’s partners in Africa and South America, too.

This is the ideal 1xBet’s partner profile:

  • An owner of one or two websites which in the best case are on sport theme
  • Internet marketing manager
  • Administrator in a Facebook or other social media group
  • Blog author
  • Everyone else who things he or she can attract customers for 1xBet!

This Russian gaming company’s affiliate program works this way:

  1. You advertise the bookie’s services
  2. Your readers enter the Russian betting website via your referral link
  3. These readers register in the betting page and start placing bets
  4. The betting house pays you commissions based on the bets placed by the customers you have attracted for the company

In order to become a bookie’s affiliate partner you need to enter the specially tailored website devoted to the program (, to fill in all of the required fields and then, to expect a confirmation for your affiliate program participation order on your e-mail. Know that 99% of these orders sent to 1xBet are positive!

After that, the betting operator generates for you a unique link that can be placed on your website, blog, group or anywhere else in internet.

1xbet partners

Your starting profit from the affiliate program per each single customer is calculated the following way:

20% from the net profit 1xBet receives from each customer you have attracted for the bookmaker

In other words, if the bookie has 1 000 kwacha net profit per certain punter your commission from this single punter is going to be one fifth of this amount or 200 kwacha.

And this is only the starting profit you are going to receive – in future, the bookie is going to raise your commission to 25% and thus, you are going to receive one fourth of the net profit the gambling operator receives from every customer you brought to the page. And the best thing is that the commissions for your punters are going to be sent to you till the rest of your life. Or in other words, once you bring some customer to this betting page, he or she will make money for you forever!

The statistics show that the average partner in 1xBet wins up to 10 000 kwacha on a monthly basis. So in short, such a plan is definitely worth it to be considered, isn’t it”?