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Zambian Lotto

Zambian Lotto has been a sponsor of lottery games since 2008 year and today it has more than 400 shops around the whole country where you can fill in a bet slip and meanwhile, to do the same thing via your MTN mobile phone number. The gambling company works in a partnership with the well-known organization that unites the International lottery operators.

Zambian lotto

How to play the game in Zambian Lotto

When you play the lottery in Zambian Lotto you should select 6 numbers from 1 to 42. If you succeed in guessing three or more numbers, you will get the respective prize or any of the following:

  • 3 numbers – K 30
  • 4 numbers – K 250
  • 5 numbers – K 5 000
  • 5 numbers + bonus ball – The prize will be at least K 10 000, but sometimes, it can reach up to K 200 000
  • 6 numbers – the big jackpot which is at least K 200 000, but almost always it reaches a 7-digit number

The price for 1 bet slip is K 5

The drawings in the lottery take place three times per week – in Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They are streamed live via ZNBC TV with starting at 21:30.

The prizes for 3 or 4 correctly predicted numbers can be received in any physical shop operated by Zambian Lotto, while the larger prizes are given in the company’s central head office which is located in Lusaka.

How to join Zambian Lotto via a mobile phone?

In difference to the rest gambling operators, which we present in our betting portal, Zambian Lotto website has no system for registration and you cannot place bets via the traditional online way. The website main purpose is to inform punters for the results from any drawing, as well as for the currently gathered amount of the jackpot prize.

Yet, you can still place bets via your mobile device or without the necessity to look for any of the betting operator’s physical department. This is possible via the MTN Money platform where you should have an official account. If you have such an account and you want to use it to place bets in Zambian Lotto you need to own at least 5 kwacha in this same account.

If you fit these requirements, simply enter *303# on your mobile phone and select Zambian Lotto via your device menu. Then, you should type in the six numbers you want to play with. Note that you need to separate each of these numbers with the space button. You can also use the Quick Pick service from the menu. This function enables the software to select 6 numbers randomly instead of you. In the end, select the option for confirmation your numbers and in return you will receive a message where Zambian Lotto will provide you the list of your numbers, the number of your bet slip, the date of the drawing and finally – the number of the drawing.

That’s all – even without a registration in Zambian Lotto you can participate in its lottery game!

Mobile betting

It is unpleasant that this lottery operator’s website has no mobile version and using it via mobile devices is truly tough, but at any rate you will not have to enter it so often once you learn the basic rules of this game. As a matter of fact, the information we have provided you in this article saves you the entire necessity to read more information in Zambian Lotto website. Instead, you can use the page only for checking out the drawings, the numbers, as well as the jackpots when you don’t have an opportunity to watch the drawing live via ZVBC TV.

Customer support service

This lottery game, possibly, comes with the simplest rules and we doubt that you will need any kind of assistance for playing it. If you, though, yet wish to reach the company for any reason, you can do that via the website contact form or by writing to it via its social web profile – Facebook or Tweeter – as well as by giving a call on any of these phone numbers:

  • +260 211226750
  • +260 211227678
  • +260 211227697
  • +260 211227706

Lotto Zambia – Lottery results


Lottery is under state monopoly in Zambia. It is called Zambianlotto and does have a net of departments for placing bets from any point of the country. Unfortunately, the state lottery does not offer the option for gambling via internet – its official website allows customers only to check out the numbers that were drawn from the previous periods. The number drawing is also broadcasted on TV every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The national lottery is an attempt to guess 6 numbers and the Jackpot can be won only if predicting all of these six numbers. The amount of the jackpot is usually over 200 000 ZMK and the biggest amount the jackpot of the Zambian national lottery that has been ever registered is 858 million of ZMK. This jackpot was won and shared between 11 lucky people and each of them got nearly 78 million of ZMK.