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GSB Affiliate Program

In case you are planning to partner up with GSB Zambia, you would have to get better familiar with Africa Bet Partners – the operator’s affiliate program. Luckily for you, this is what this guide is all about. Before we get to it however let’s give you a brief overview. The program is relatively new – it was launched in late 2020, and aside from GSB Zambia, it encompasses three more betting brands. It is the easy admission and competitive commissions however that make it stand out. What is more, the program boasts a great reputation among existing affiliates. Agents are resourceful and you count on them to stay aligned with the program’s guidelines and more importantly, to boost conversions. Plus, payments are reliable and there is much flexibility in choosing how to get paid. To find out more about GSB Zambia’s affiliate program, be sure to keep reading.

GSB Zambia Affiliate

Signing up as Affiliate Partner

Before you start promoting GSB Zambia and start making a profit from your traffic, you would have to sign up for a new account with Africa Bet Partners. For that, goal to the program’s website and click the Join button. This will present you with a simple registration form that you would have to fill in. It starts with a username for access to the platform, followed up by name, email address, and password. Next, you would need to leave your phone number, enter your country of residence and proceed with company and website information. Lastly, agree to Africa Bet Partners’ T&Cs and hit Register. If you entered all the details successfully, you will receive a confirmation email and you would have to wait for one to two working days for the application to be reviewed. Once you are admitted to the program, you will receive a welcome email with further instructions.

GSB Affiliate Program Signup

Commissions & Payments

Once you are part of GSB Zambia’s affiliate program, you will be able to start earning from your referrals right away. Initially, you would earn 20% of the net profits from each referral, which would last for three months. Once you get past the initial period, the commission will be automatically raised to 25% of the net profits of the company. With that being said, you would have to keep in mind that Africa Bet Partners is open to negotiations and if you are performing well, you will be able to negotiate an even higher commission. You would have to keep in mind however that should you drop below 5 new users per month, you may be rolled back to the initial 20%. Not just that but there is a real threat of being terminated as a partner. Hence, make sure you are ready to keep up a good pace.

When it comes down to payments, payouts are made between the 1st and 15th of the month. Should you prefer getting your money via a bank wire, you would have to generate a minimum profit of $100. For the rest of the supported payment methods, the minimum threshold is $50. In case you are an international affiliate, you can only request a payout for amounts of $200 or more.

Key T&Cs

Before deciding to partner up with GSB Zambia, you would have to of course study their Terms and Conditions in detail. These are available on the affiliate program’s website, the most important of which, you can find below.

  • Advertising Materials Relevance
    As an affiliate partner, you are obliged to guarantee all advertising materials are up to date. Promoting incorrect promotions and offers, displaying outdated materials and having company advertising pointing to competitors may lead to account termination.
  • Advertising Materials Approval
    When distributing your own marketing materials, you are obliged to submit them for approval by the affiliate program. You would have 5 days’ time to sort out such issues, otherwise risking payment and account suspension.
  • Design Restrictions
    Your web properties should by no means appear similar to those of GSB Zambia. Should the company find any resemblance or attempt to replicate its website or parts of it, your partnership may be suspended.
  • Domain Restrictions
    As an affiliate partner of GSB Zambia, you are not allowed to use domains partially or fully containing the brand’s name. In case of similarity or possible confusion, you would have to discuss the situation with the affiliate program.
  • Social Media Restrictions
    Creating pages and profiles on social media, incl. on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that may be confusing for GSB Zambia is in direct violation of the program’s T&Cs. Therefore, you are obliged to avoid any such actions or risk terminating your partnership.
  • Direct Marketing Restrictions
    You will not be allowed to directly promote the sportsbook by sending advertising materials via email or other means. Such will only be sent by GSB Zambia and violating this rule may lead to account termination.
  • Net Profit Caluculation
    The net profit which your commission is based upon is the difference between the deposits made by the players referred by you minus any winnings, bonuses and chargebacks paid out.
  • Incentives Prohibition
    By partnering up with GSB Zambia, you agree not to provide any incentives be it financial, in the form of goods or other in order to encourage players to sign up. This can only happen with the consent of the company or upon its own initiative.