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How to place a bet in the Betway live

There are not so many differences between placing a bet in the live betting category and doing so in the pre-match betting category. Probably, the most significant difference is that in live betting we need to be faster in our reactions as odds change fast and often here, while in pre-match betting they are more stable in a way.

Here is what I do to place a bet (the example is for placing a bet via a mobile device):

  • I enter the Live category
  • Then, I select a market and click on it
  • I press on the button Betslip that automatically notices me when I add a new selection to it (in the top right corner of the button there is a counter for the events I have included in my betslip up to now)
  • Type in the Bet Amount field
  • Check out the Potential Return field the potential amount of my profit and if it suits me, I press on Bet Now in the bottom of the Betslip.

One of the best things that have happened after the invasion of the online bookmakers in Zambia is the appearance of the possibility to place bets in real time as this type of bets is even more popular than the standard pre-match betting activity, including among the Zambian punters. Today, we are going to tell you more about this specific service offered in Betway, too, which is one of the leading bookies on our market.

Possibilities for live betting in Betway Zambia

In my bets made in the Live section provided by Betway I have seen markets for matches from many sport types, including the following:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Rugby

Betway live sports

The football, tennis and cricket are among the most popular sport disciplines in Zambia and this bookie has made everything possible to offer as many matches from this sport type as possible. Basically, this refers to football and tennis world. These sport disciplines literally flood the live betting category in the betting page.

Here, it is possible to place a bet on leading world football leagues such as the championships in the biggest European countries, for instance (England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia and etc), but meanwhile every day we also see markets for less popular championships, too. For example, at the moment I am writing this review, in the category matches from the Substitutes championship in Australia there are many matches available for betting in real time. Most bookies these days do not offer even pre-match bets on such leagues, which is why talking about live betting on them is not under discussion at all. These championships and the bets on them are basically hard to be supported and offered by the betting operators. It is due to the high level of dynamic in these matches. Besides the Substitutes championships, here, you will find many more amateur divisions, youth football events and even matches between female football teams.

Another thing that has impressed me a lot is the fact that no matter how less popular a certain match is, Betway will always offer a wide range of possibilities for a bet on it. Here is an example for you: there are so many markets available for the mentioned event from the league of Australian substitutes, including the following:

  • Correct score
  • Double chance
  • Which team will win the rest of the game
  • Different types of Under / Over bets for scores
  • Which team will score the next goal within the match
  • Different Handicap bets
  • Combination bets for scores of the match, as well as of Under / Over
  • Combination bets for scores of the match and Both Team to Score
  • Even or uneven number of scores
  • Correct number of scores

Betway live odds

Once again I need to say that these are the possibilities for a bet per single match that, by the way, is far away from being called a big or popular event. For those events that are popular and really big – like those from the leading European championships, as well as those from the big international tournaments – we have at our disposal several times more options for betting.

The situation with the tennis bets is the same as here even for the tournaments with the lowest prize funds (those from the ITF series) dozens of different markets are offered, while the events from the world tours of ATP and WTA once again have many times more alternatives to use your money for some profitable betting experience. In cricket, another favourite sport of mine, the possibilities for bets are a bit less in this bookmaker, but yet I do not feel deprived of any alternatives for some good bets on the winner in the game.