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GSB Deposits and Withdrawals

Planning to bet on sports and play casino games at GSB Zambia and want to know more about its banking? If that’s the case, this quickstart guide is all you need. We will show you how to top up and cash out with all of the operator’s supported payment methods. These include MTN, AIRTEL, Zamtel and cash payments. Keep in mind that before you can make payments, you would have to go through the registration process first. If you need help with that, we have a dedicated article on the topic. If on the other hand, you want more information about GSB’s sports betting options, online casino, mobile app, etc., we have dedicated guides and review for all of that as well.

Making Deposits at GSB Zambia

Before you get started, keep in mind that you can only top up if the phone number you have provided belongs to you. If that’s your case, simply follow the steps below for the payment method you plan to use.

Depositing with MTN

  1. Log in to your account and click the Deposit button in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Pick MTN as a deposit method and select a deposit amount
  3. You will get prompted on your mobile phone to enter your Mobile Money PIN
  4. Once you provide your PIN, the money will be transferred to your account instantly

Depositing via AIRTEL

  1. Once in your account, press the Deposit button
  2. Select AIRTEL and enter the amount you want to top up
  3. Pick up your phone and provide your Mobile Money PIN once asked
  4. With that out of the way, your account will be topped up with the desired amount

Topping up with Zamtel

  1. Sign in to your GSB Zamiba account and press Deposit
  2. Choose Zamtel as a payment method and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  3. You will then receive a USSD pop-up asking for your PIN code
  4. Provide it, confirm and you the money will be instantly sent to your betting account

Depositing at GSB Zambia Shop

  1. Find a convenient location from GSB Zambia’s shop list, published on its website
  2. Provide your Player ID, or PID, found in the My Profile section on the website
  3. Once you pay the desired amount, you will receive a receipt
  4. Now, log in to your account, pick Shop Cash as a payment option and enter the receipt’s code
  5. That’s it, the money is now in your account

Withdrawing Funds

GSB Zambia offers three ways of cashing out. You can either use Web Money or the USSD menu of your phone, or you can withdraw in one of the operator’s shops. If you prefer the latter option, be sure to check out GSB Zambia’s full list of locations, published on the operator’s website. As far as the withdrawal process itself is concerned, you can refer to the steps below.

Withdrawing with Mobile Money

  1. Log in to your account and click the Withdraw button
  2. Pick Mobile Money and select the amount you wish to cash out
  3. Enter your PIN code
  4. Once you confirm the transaction, the money will be sent to your account

Withdrawing via USSD

  1. Pick up your phone and dial *165*4*6*6# to access the GSB Zambia’s USSD Menu
  2. From the list of options select Online Withdraw
  3. Proceed by entering your GSB account ID, found on your Profile page
  4. Select the amount you wish to cash out and confirm
  5. Now, you have to enter the withdrawal code on the cashier page and click Sent to confirm

Cashing out in a Shop

  1. First, log in to your account and click Withdraw
  2. Select Shop Cash as a cash-out option and proceed with the desired amount
  3. Enter your password and click Request
  4. A transaction confirmation code will be sent to your phone
  5. Go to a GSB Zambia location, provide the code along with your Player ID and you will receive your funds


What are GSB Zambia’s transaction limits?
Minimum and maximum transaction amounts for all payment methods - no matter if you cash out or top up, are set to 1.00 ZMW and 20,000 ZMW respectively.
Why can’t I withdraw?
GSB requires user ID verification before allowing players to withdraw funds. This is mandated by law and includes providing the operator with a copy of your ID - via the website or in one of the bookie’s locations.
Can I cash out with a different payment method?
No, GSB Zambia only allows for withdrawals with the same payment method used for topping up.
GSB Zambia won’t let me withdraw my full balance. Why?
Because you would have to stake your deposit at least once. If you have deposited K1000, and staked only K100, you will then be able to cash out only K100.
Would GSB Zambia charge my payments?
No, depositing and withdrawing are free of charge. With that being said, the operator reserves the right to apply an 8% fee in case you haven’t staked your deposit three times or more. Plus, keep in mind that network operators may charge you for using their services.