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The big and renewed betting houses give an account to the big significance of the mobile APK and mobile versions that help the beneficial customers experience to their audiences and almost always these same leading online betting operators offer the best mobile apps and mobile versions, as well.

Betway is probably the biggest international betting company that is a part of yet, not so advanced Zambian market for sport betting, and in this role it is obliged to provide some really good services and a high quality platform for mobile betting. Here is where I certainly need to mark that the gambling house does make a really great job in this matter as it has not limited the customers in any way when it comes to using their telephones and tablets to place a bet. In Betway the users who bet via computers and those, who prefer the mobile platforms are put on the same position, with no exceptions. What PC customers have an access to the users with mobile devices can take benefits of, as well.

The English top football club team West Ham’s sponsor offers the following options for mobile betting activity:

  • Betway mobile browser version that can be opened via any type of a mobile device
  • Betway Android app
  • Betway application for iPhone and iPAd

Betway for Android

What I have to do (and respectively, what you have to do, as well) to open the mobile version does not distinguish by what I have to do in case I want to enter any other website. I simply open my mobile device browser – regarding whether it comes to an integrated mobile device browser or a browser that has been additionally downloaded – then, I enter Betway’s online platform address for Zambia. In the page you are reading right now there is a link to the bookmaker’s website, too, so you are not going even to type any URL addresses in your case.

Naturally, I have to do a bit more work in order to install the application, but at the expense of this, it will provide me faster access to the bookie’s place. At first, in order to download the app on my Android device, I opened the mobile version and then, I open the page called Betway App. You can find the link to this page in the end of the home page.

In this same page I saw a link for downloading of both available apps – the one for Android and the one for iOS – and respectively I clicked on the app that is suitable to the operating system on which my personal device runs.

Also, in the page there were some guides as to how to download the app, but personally I did not need them as I have downloaded other apps on mobile device before, including such that are not with an official source of the Google Play market. If you haven’t done such a thing yet, though, you will have to bear in mind that your mobile phone should be ready to accept such apps – those from unknown sources. Depending on the Android version your device runs on, you can accept these apps either manually from your device settings, or by confirming your desire to download such an app right after you click on the Download button. iPhone and iOS owners, on the other side, are even more flavoured as they can find an app for this betting platform directly in the officially Apple Store – iTunes.

Betway mobile look

Although I have tried both – the app and the mobile version – I simply couldn’t find any significant differences between them both. The only thing, according to me, of course, that could be called a difference is that the app uses less internet traffic. However, both alternatives for mobile betting offer the full range of games, options and functions Betway provides, so you are not going to regret no matter what alternative you choose.