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In the rest of my articles that refer to 1xBet placed in this page you will find many reasons to be up to register in the Russian betting house, while in this article I will show you how exactly you can register.

What really impressed me when I was on my way to get an account in this bookie was the fact that it lets us 4 in total options via which to make this registration. This is how everyone can choose the easiest way specifically for her or his needs. For instance, those punters who have a profile in any social webs can register by using this profile; those punters who have their phones at hand can, on the other side, register via SMS confirmation of the profile and so on. For all the punters, regardless the concrete circumstances, there’s an available possibility to register extremely fast – with one single click on the screen!

1xBet is among those few websites for betting I have seen to offer more than one method for  and this can be determined only as a big benefit. Now, I am going to present you details how to register in the betting page via any of these 4 available methods. I promise to specific every single step and I will start with those methods I think are the fastest and the easiest – the registration with one click only and the registration via any of your social web profile.

One click registration

The possibility to register with one click was the method I used to open my account at 1xBet. To register without entering any personal data or choosing user name and password is something, indeed, unique, and something that you will not see anywhere else. Plus – this method saves you a lot of time! Due to this last reason I decided to register by the one click registration method and I strongly recommend all the punters to do the same unless you don’t have any profile in any of the social webs we are going to discuss in the second paragraph of this article.

Let’s go to the essence of this subject or to be more specific to the one click registration! First, in order to register via this method (or via any other one) you have to open the Register page by pressing on the green button with the same name and with a location right at the top side of the betting website.

In the Register page there’s a menu with the different options for registration and the first one is the one click registration method which shows that as a whole this is the most used one among the punters, as well as the one the bookie, itself, recommends, too. In order to register via this method, you only need to open the two drop down menus and to select the following things:

  • County – Zambia
  • Currency – Zambian kwacha

1xbet one click registration

That was all I had to enter in order to register! I need to also mark that even if I register via this method, though, sooner or later I will have to fill in some fields with my personal data, but this is possible at any convenient for me time and it’s not on mandatory to be done during the registration. To be more exact, the time to fill in the personal data fields will came, when I wanted to make my first withdrawal from my account.

So, once I complete my one click registration, the website registered a special individual number for me and gave me a password with which I started entering my account. Also, the betting page offered me the possibility to download my number and password in a notepad file or picture file. In addition to these, you have the chance to be sent your login data on your e-mail address. All of these are done in the name of the punter’s convenience as the number and the password the bookmaker will provide you are random letters and numbers that are basically quite hard to be learnt by heart.

Social networks registration

If you have a profile in Facebook, Telegram or Twitter, maybe, the best option to make a registration in 1xBet, would be to use it here.

1xbet social networks registration

The reason for this claim of mine is that via this method the bookie will extract the necessary personal data from this profile on its own or in other words, you are not going to be required to type anything. Besides, when you make the registration, right after that your login in 1xBet Zambia you are not going to type any passwords or user names, but you will only have to click on the icon of the concrete social web you used.

This registration method works quite fast, too, because, the only thing you need to do is to click on the social web icon and then, to make a confirmation that you agree for your personal data to be extracted from this social web and transferred to 1xBet.

SMS registration

This type of a registration is similar to the one click registration and the only difference here is that you do not enter your country, but your mobile telephone number. Respectively, by the selected telephone number code it becomes clear what country you are from. As you know, the international telephone code for Zambia is +260.

1xbet phone registration

E-mail registration

This is the longest alternative to register in 1xBet. Here you will have to fill in your entire personal data information when you open your account. In other words, what you have to type in is the following information: – names, address, e-mail and so on. Exactly this is how the registration actually happens in almost all of the rest bookies I have made an account at. Right after filling in all the fields via the e-mail registration, the account activation follows. It happens thanks to a link that is sent to your e-mail and that you need to click on.

1xbet e-mail registration