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GSB Galsport Betting

Gals Sport Betting (GSB) is an ambitious and successful bookmaker that is not only active in Zambia but in Uganda and Tanzania as well. Not just that but the operator has a number of shops in Luska as well, providing extra convenience to local players. In regard to the betting platform, the bookmaker walked a long way to having one of the most advanced and competitive ones on the market. It features over 15 sports to bet on, thousands of events every day and excellent coverage of leagues and championships.

Equally important, GSB offers a very attractive bonus selection, incl. a starting offer, combo specials, bet insurance and more, granting tons of opportunities for extra profits. On top of that, there is a regular sports jackpot with a massive prize pool to add an extra layer of excitement. And last but not least, all of this will be available to you on the go as well in the Android app or in the mobile version of the platform. If all of this sounds good to you so far, be sure to dig deeper into our review to find out what else the bookie has to offer.


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Bets on sport events

In Gal Sport Betting menu you will find nearly 1 000 – 1 100 upcoming matches per day once you enter the website. In addition to these, there are always events from 10 sport types leastwise. None of these facts cannot put the bookmaker on the highest rang within the Zambian market, but, though, we need to record its significant progress as till the beginning of 2018 year the betting house had used to offer only bets on three sports (football, basketball and tennis), plus – during most of the time the pre-match program had included only 500-600 upcoming matches.

These more than 1 000 matches just cannot be enough for the average betting fan and even the most experienced or thrilled punters cannot complain in case there are so many professional, amateur, youth and friendly matches.

Gal Sport Betting also provides a serious number of markets for its sport events. For instance, when it comes to events from the English premium football league, the market number reaches up to 100 and it includes different options for bets as to the match progress, including bets for the goal scorers.

The betting house also offers a long list of championships for long-term bets, but they are only for the winners within these championships, while in the other bookies bets for teams that fall out of the league, teams in the Top 4 of the chart, goal scorers within the leagues and many others are offered, too.

gsb sport betting

We are pleasantly surprised by our review of the rest sport types provided in this betting page, too. Basically, we are happy to see such a big number of both: bets and markets for the other available sport disciplines in Gal Sport Betting. Basketball fans, for instance – which is another very popular football type in our country – can bet on everything from the USA championship (NBA) to the championship in the Philippines. Moreover – for the biggest elite state matches there are up to 40-50 bet types, so you can place bets as to not only for the winner, but also for the difference the win is going to be taken with, as well as for the number of the points the basketball players from each of the team will score, what the event progress will be per single phase and etc.

The odds you will be offered with in these markets are also at a very good level – an average level or sometimes a bit above the average odd level in Zambia as this bookie’s margin profit varies between 5 and 10% depending on the sport type and the popularity of the event. These odds cannot be defined as low, no doubt. On the contrary! However, we can still find some better odd offers for each of the markets in Gal Sport Betting.

You can find some more bets on sport events in the specially tailored category called Jackpot where you will see a list with 13 football matches (most of them are from the English football fields) you can place bets on (with K 10 as a minimum bet amount) and then, to hope to win a jackpot at an amount of more than half a million kwacha. The task in this game isn’t easy at all, because the bookmaker includes only quite equivalent matches with almost equal odds. Plus – it is not pleasant at all that there are no compensating prizes for the punters with one or two mistakes in their predictions and this is something we see in similar games offered by other betting websites. The jackpot game in Gal Sport Betting takes time every week and includes only matches from Saturday.

Mobile betting

gsb mobile view

Gal Sport Betting offers us one very simplified, but meanwhile light and fast loading mobile version. Unfortunately, though, it has some limited functionality and no options to replace it with the full website version via a mobile device in case you want to use all the bookmaker’s services. You can learn more details and everything necessary as to Gal Sport Betting mobile website version usage in our article called Gal Sport Betting (GSB) Mobile.

Bets on casino games

If we would say that Gal Sport Betting has a casino service, that’s going to be an overstatement, but yet, the bookie does offer us two games you can cheat the time while waiting for the final outcome of a certain sport event you have place a bet on. These two games are Keno and roulette. Do not expect, though, any extra functions or beautiful animation from these games – they are of the level the online casino rooms from the European betting industry used to offer 20 years ago. However, Gal Sport Betting website casino offers are a big fun and suitable for leisure time, no doubt.

Registration + Funding account

The lowest category in the menu of the mobile version is going to take you to the registration page where you need to be really patient while filling in all the 15 fields in the registration form. These fields are fully regarding your personal details, so they are not hard for filling in, but there’s no doubt that they are, though, quite boring.

gsb registration

Please, take some serious attention at the field for the number of your National Registration Card (NRC) as later, you will have to provide a copy or an image of this same card and if the data in it does not match with the data you have filled in during the registration, you are not going to be able to make a withdrawal.

As to the withdrawals and the preceding deposits, all financial transactions in Gal Sport Betting can be quickly and easily performed via the MTN platform for mobile payments.

Bonuses and promotions

gsb bonus

Gal Sport Betting owns things that can make you register in its website, but the bonus system in the page isn’t one of these things. What makes us a huge impression is that one of the pages in this betting website is made for the bonuses, but currently it is empty. Yet, the availability of such a page hints us that sooner or later this African bookie will start providing to its audience some promotional offers.

Customer support servce

This African bookie has some serious presence in the social webs, but to get in touch with it in even an easier way, you should better use the live chat in the website. This live chat, though, is available only for the desktop platform compatible to laptops and PCs while in the mobile website version there’s no way to get in touch with the customer support team.

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