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What the “4 to Score” Game by Betway Zambia Is?

In this article we are going to present you the only game in Betway which Zambians can join without investing even 1 single kwacha and meanwhile, which offers them the opportunity to win a prize up to K 100 000.

Betway 4 to Score rules

Terms and conditions
This game comes with very simple terms and conditions – you need to offer a prediction as to which team is going to score first within the phase of all the 4 top leagues in England:

  • Premium league
  • Championship
  • First league
  • Second league

The task which punters have here is simplified by the fact that the predictions are placed only for the first team with a score within the matches that start at 15:00 English time zone in Saturday (16:00 local time).

Everything you have to do is to mark one team per each of the divisions and then, to have yourself in a comfortable place in the Saturday afternoon to wait for the first minutes of the matches. As a matter of fact, bets are accepted literally till the last minute before the event start, so you are not going to miss the opportunity to participate in the game even if you enter the page at 15:59 o’clock.

Prizes and profit payment

There’s only one prize in this game and it is given to the participant who succeeds in predicting correctly which the first team with a score within all the 4 English divisions will be. The minimum prize amount is K 50 000 and in case there are two or more participants with a correct prediction, the prize is distributed equally.

Betway 4 to score prize

If there is no winner in this Betway’s game, the prize for the next phase gets increases with K 10 000 more and eventually the final prize can reach up to K 100 000.

If you are the lucky guy, who wins in the game, the bookie’s customer support representatives are going to reach you via a phone call or via SMS, e-mail message to notify you for your success. Then, within 3 days after the end of the matches, the winner’s Betway account will be increased with the amount of the concrete profit from the game.

How to join 4 to Score?

We offer you one simple to be understood guide that shows you how to play 4 to Score game step by step. Here it is:

  • 1. Click on “More Products” in Betway Mobile
  • 2. Click on “4ToScore”
  • 3. Click on each of the divisions consecutively and mark on the team you would like to select. There’s a button called “Random Pick” for facility’s sake.
  • 4. Click on “Submit” to officialise your participation in the game
  • 5. Wait for the final outcomes of the matches and enjoy your win if you have selected the right teams!

Betway 4 score play