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1xBet is one of the fastest progressing gambling operators in Zambia and this comparatively young operator’s successful advance is mainly due to two basic things I would determine as the two most important reasons you might want to register in it:

  • 1xBet is a gambling operator that puts in your disposal the biggest number of possibilities for a bet. In this number I do not include only the widest range of events for sport betting, but also the endless list of alternative playing products such as slots, live games, table games, video poker and other casino games, as well as poker, bingo, virtual sports, Asian games, TV games, exchange market for bets, financial trading bets, an exchange market for crypto currencies, backgammon, games with sport jackpots, lotteries and many more.
  • 1xBet is also a gambling operator where we can get the biggest profits as it works with minimum margins in its odds.

Established back in 2007 year, this Russian bookmaker is supposed to be among the best options when it comes to a choice for betting website, I think, as any punter – no matter what types of games and bets he or she likes – can take the most of it at a full value. Keep reading and you are going to meet my entire experience as 1xBet’s customer what I have been for more than three years already.

Bets on sport events

1xbet sportsI start my presentation of 1xBet’s services with the betting house’s sport betting category that is the most often visited category on the page and personally by me, including by most of the big audience this operator has (400 000 customers if we need to be exact). The Russian betting company started its existence as a sport betting house only by accepting bet slips via its net of thousands of physical departments among East Europe. Such an existence lasted nearly 5 years for the betting operator. However, in 2012 year the bookie opened its online betting platform where many brand new products have been added. These products let the customers from all around the world gamble with the most profitable conditions the operator can actually offer.

Every day, when I enter the Sport category I have a choice of not less than 1 000 matches for my betslip and all of the betting offers can be seen in the menu located in the left side of this category. This is where I see the top leagues and the top matches or to be more specific they are placed on the top of the menu, while below I can view in details the entire program for all of these more than 50 sport disciplines available on the betting page. Currently, at the moment I write this review when I have a glance at the program from the Sport category I can see more than 1 500 matches only the football section and the total number of events from all of the sections reaches up to 3 000.

1xBet’s offers seem to be really incomparable not only as to the wide range of matches, but also as to the wide range of various bet types which, by the way, for many matches reach a 4-digit number. Such a big bunch of betting options is available not only for the top elite events, but for many other types of matches that are not so popular or suitable for the mainstream audience.
My personal experience with sport betting here has shown me that for us, the punters, the big number of bet options we have does not matter so much if for any of them we don’t have high enough odds so the bet would really worth it our investments. This is why I think, it is very significant to mention that this Russian betting website is definitely number one when it comes to the offered odds among all of the betting pages in Zambia at all. For example, for some of the markets I have seen profit margin that falls only with 1% which is a total precedent for the industry, no doubt.

The live betting category this betting company provides also matters and also makes a big impression. It is as generous as the pre-match betting section is when it comes to markets and odds. Besides, the live betting category in 1xBet includes more than 50 000 live streaming events on an annual basis, as well as live statistics for twice more events per year. More details about all of these you can get in my specially tailored article called Live streaming and betting options in 1xBet In-Play!

The bookie’s cash out option might be quite interesting to many of you, as well. I have written a whole article about it and it’s called 1xBet How to sell my betslip? In this article you are going to receive valuable information about the essence of this function, some practical examples for its application and detailed guides as to how to close your bet within this betting house’s interface.

Mobile betting

1xbet mobileIf laying aside the high odds and the big selection of gambling services, the other reason I would recommend you to seriously consider the possibility to become a customer in 1xBet’s platform, is the quite satisfying set of products for mobile betting.

Every single customer is going to be fully pleased with this bookie’s mobile betting platform especially if owning an Android smartphone or tablet as for these devices the main application is offered from which, by the way, you can bet on sport, play casino games and do many more entertaining and profitable things – including taking the benefits of the specially tailored poker app that is a plus in the system. So is the specially tailored mobile browser for mobile betting in 1xBet!

The other group of users that are must be very happy with the mobile betting apps offered by this Russian operator incorporates those of you who own older mobile phone models as only this gambling website provides specially tailored Java apps.

What all of the bookie’s apps are, how they are installed and which mobile devices they are compatible with – as to all of these you can read in my article called 1xBet Apps and mobile version.

Bets on jackpot games

1xbet jackpotsI am very interested and excited about joining this bookie’s Toto games, as well. These games can be determined as fine alternatives to the bets from Live and Sport categories on the website.

In the games from the Toto category we do not, though, select the matches to place bets on (they are determined by the bookie in advance) which might sound as a weak point, but at the expense of this, the games, themselves, provide us the chance to win millions of ZMW (in some of these games the big prize is more than 10 million of ZMW) by making right predictions in a selection of several matches (from 5 to 15) in various sport types such as football, basketball, hockey and different digital sports.

Meanwhile, 1xBet require from me to pay only 4.50 ZMW to participate in such a game and in one of these games the fee is only 0.50 ZMW to join it! If making a simple calculation, it’s going to become clear that we have the real chance to multiple our bet with hundreds or thousands of times!

As to the terms and conditions of each of the games from the category with jackpot games I have said a lot in my article called Types of games and profits in 1xBet Toto!

Bets on virtual sports

1xbet betAnother product with sport theme 1xBet offers is called virtual sport betting. These virtual sports are almost 100% the same as the traditional bets with one difference only – we do not place bets on real events, but on such that are computer-stimulated.

Even though betting on real matches are basically more interesting, when it comes to betting on virtual sports we definitely can name several benefits such as the fact that they last less time, which means they are more dynamic. Also, virtual sport betting has no summer or winter pause between the seasons. The matches take place almost 24/7 with even one second of a pause during the whole year.

As to these things 1xBet, by all means receives many applauses because it does not offer only betting activity on virtual sports made by different software companies from the industry, but also betting on simulated matches from the leading digital games like FIFA, Counter Strike and PES that come with quite higher quality in comparison to the offers from the software companies.
For all of the virtual sports this bookmaker has in its portfolio you can read some detailed information in my article Virtual bets in 1xBet.

Bets on casino games

1xbet casino1xBet Casino is the biggest place for playing casino games in the internet sphere of Zambia and you can simply assure in this by yourself when you make a comparison between the number of the casino games offered by the Russian bookie and the same number offered by any other similar website.

1xBet Casino isn’t just one big casino – it’s the biggest casino with a huge advance leaving the competitors behind because here we have a choice of nearly 3 000 games while in the rest of the betting pages in Zambia we find 200-300 products in the luckiest case.

The room has an incredible variety of computer-simulated games, too, as well as of those that are live. Slots, roulettes, Baccarat, Blackjack, table games, bingo, video poker, Jackpot games, 3D games – numerous varieties of this game categories can be found here about 2 000 of them are compatible to mobile devices.

Types of casino games in 1xBet is the article from which you are going to find out more details about the casino room this Russian operator offers.

Poker games

1xbet pokerIt’s hard to say that 1xBet’s poker service is as good as the sport betting or the category with casino games is, but, yet, it has its own strong points, too:

  • Whole two poker rooms in total
  • A specially tailored app with which we can play in one single room from any Android or iOS device
  • Two freerolls per day with prizes for 40 USD in total

If you want to read my detailed analysis for the two poker rooms go directly to my article called Poker game in 1xBet.

Registration + Depositing money and withdrawals

1xbet register1xBet is the only bookmaker where I have seen the option for a registration with one click only. Thanks to this option you can open an account in the platform for several seconds only!
The procedures for a withdrawal or a deposit are comparatively short in this page. Plus – for them we have a choice of more than 20 different payments methods.
You can read guides and details about these procedures specifically on 1xBet page in the following articles:

Bonuses and promotions

1xbet bonusThis betting house offers more than 20 bonuses and the details as to the most attractive among them – the deposit bonuses that are provided for the new customers and once a week for all existing customers – are given in my article called Bonuses and promotions in 1xBet.

Customer support service

1xbet supportThe customer support service isn’t a thin that is neglected by the big international websites and 1xBet proves this with its well-trained team and with its set of various options for communication with the customer support representatives (like live chat, e-mails, telephone call, Tweeter and Whats app accounts). Find out more about this service in my article called Contact customer support service in 1xBet.