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Types of online casino games in Betway

Betway Casino Zambia includes 35 games in total and the biggest part of the games are in the slot game section – to be more specific there are 27 slot offers in this betting house.

Category Casino where animated casino games are provided, as well as the Bet Games category where we have several games with numbers, dices and wheel. The games form Bet Games category are watched in real time either via your computer, or via your mobile device. In this article I am going to tell you my personal opinion about the two of these casino categories.

This is definitely not the biggest online casino I have ever met in internet, but yet, it is one of the biggest casinos here in Zambia and it does offer some comparatively high quality games, especially if a less pretentious customer. Casino room in BetwayZambia will provide you some really high-class customer experience. On the other side, for those of you, who accept casino as priority gambling activity, this online casino would probably seem a bit poor in content.

Betway casino games

As a company that basically and mainly focuses on other betting it is not surprising that such a big part of these same 27 slot games are somehow linked to bettiing world. For example, one of my favourite slot games in this casino – Shoot! is such a slot game. This game shows you cards with legendary football players from past – like Diego Maradona, Pele, George Best and many more. If you love the way I do you might also try the basketball slot, the ice hockey slot and one more slot game that is also based on football topic.

The number of games in the table games section is less – to be more specific, here we find 6 table games. Among these six articles we see only various versions of slots and roulettes and some other games from this section are widely spread among the world – like Baccarat, for example – are not available here. In addition to all of these, two video poker games are available for playing in Betway.

Among the things I mostly love about the casino in this betting page is that I can try the games without even spending a coin from my real money in my account balance. This is possible thanks to the function called Free Play. When I enter the casino and press on any of the available games I see two options popping-up for me: Play Now and Free Play. If I press on the first option the software generates on my device the version that allows playing with real money, while in case of pressing on the second option, I start playing with virtual chips that have no real value. The function for free of charge playing allows me to continue having fun on the platform when I don’t have enough money to place real bets or when I simply want to make some savings for the category I am more talented in.

Bet Games

I will present you the Bet Games category with great pleasure as here I was pleasantly surprised by one extremely interesting and modern function. The function is the live streaming of the drawing within every single game from this category.

Betway betgames

Yet, as to the games here I cannot tell they are something extremely cool or extra ordinary. In short, these games are with dices or game types where numbers are drawn, as well as such with fortune wheel. When you see how a number is drawn right in front of your eyes, though, and moreover – by super beautiful ladies in a very exquisite studio, it’s hard to remain unsatisfied, no doubt.

Bonuses in Betway Casino

Unfortunately, I cannot take the benefits of any bonuses in my experience here in Betway Casino. This betting company has saved all of its promotions (see more information about them in my article called Betway Bonuses and Promotions).