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Bettingregister is a website where we are going to present you the best websites in Zambia that offer sport betting and other types of gambling games. The main purpose in all of our articles, where we analyze the different functions in the bookmakers available in our country, is to help you select the top one among those websites regarding your individual needs and preferences.

At first, as to the online gambling games in Zambia, you need to have the following things in mind, though:

  • Gambling in Zambia is not allowed for users under age of 18 years old.
  • There are three types of legal gambling form – and they are sport betting, lotto and casino games.
  • The online betting websites are liable to licensing. Although, if a betting page isn’t licensed Zambian punters have the right to gamble n it (most of the biggest offshore betting websites still do not have licenses, but no one will prevent you gambling in any of them).

What are you going to find in the betting reviews offered in

We have made a betting review for each bookmaker that operates in Zambia – from the least local betting operators to the biggest international betting companies that have specially tailored website versions for our market. In these reviews we have answered to a whole bunch of questions every potential customer might ask, including the following questions:

  • What sport types and sport markets does this bookmaker offer?
  • Are the odds in this bookmaker high or low?
  • Does this bookmaker offer some special functions or what are they (live streaming, live statistics, cash out and so on)?
  • Are there any other gambling services in this bookie such as poker, casino, virtual sports, financial trading, lotteries or jackpot games?
  • What new customer bonus will this betting house offer you and are there any other bonuses and promotions for the active customers?
  • What are the deposit options? (most bookies rely on the traditional payment methods in our country such as MTN and Airtel, but in some of the betting platforms you might find other deposit methods, including credit cards, online banking, online payment platforms and many others)
  • How can we reach an operator when we have a question to ask?

Similarly to the case in almost all the rest countries in Africa, sport betting is the top favourite form of gambling in Zambia.

For a long time, sport betting used to be available mainly in the physical shops as the % of the internet consumers in our country was quite low. During the last couple of years, though, when the affordable mobile devices started their huge breakthrough in the entire content, more and more Zambians started showing interest to online sport betting, while bookies responded to this interest by creating a whole bunch of online gambling platforms.

Currently, we have at our disposal more than a whole dozen of online bookies that actively operate in Zambia. All of them offer you the chance to place bets on the top favourite sport among Zambians – football and meanwhile, there are bets on other popular sport disciplines such as basketball, boxing, tennis, cricket and many others, while some betting houses even enrich their product assortments with various different from sport gambling services like casino games or virtual poker.