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BetLion – How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals

BetLion Zambia enhances the betting journey for enthusiasts across the nation, offering an extensive array of sports options, competitive odds, and enticing promotions that fuel the excitement of wagering. Revel in a diverse range of local and global sporting events, seize the opportunity to maximize your winnings with favorable odds, and engage in real-time betting thrills through live betting. Take advantage of alluring promotions that include deposit bonuses and free bets while ensuring seamless and secure account top-ups via various payment methods, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and enjoyable betting experience.

How to Top up Your BetLion Account

To initiate your first deposit on BetLion’s sports betting platform, follow these steps. Begin by logging into your BetLion account and locating the “DEPOSIT” option situated at the upper left corner of the website. Input your desired deposit amount and confirm the transaction by clicking the “DEPOSIT” button. Upon confirming, a PIN Prompt (approval request) will be sent to your mobile device. Enter your Mobile Money PIN within the prompt to credit your account with the deposit amount. If the approval request isn’t received within a minute, reach out to BetLion’s customer support for assistance.

  • Airtel
    For Airtel deposits, dial *778# and navigate by entering “4” for Make payments, followed by “#”, “9” for betting services, and “3” for Betlion. Input the deposit amount and your PIN to complete the process. For MTN, dial *303#, enter “00”, proceed with “1” for Betting & Lottery, then “8” for Betlion. Enter the deposit amount and your Mobile Money PIN when prompted. If the PIN prompt is missing, dial *303#, choose Option 9 (My account), then Option 4 (My Approvals), select the transaction, and enter the PIN.
  • MTN
    To initiate your deposit on BetLion’s sports betting platform, dial *303#, then enter “00” and navigate through the options by entering “1” for Betting & Lottery, followed by “8” for Betlion. Proceed by entering the desired deposit amount and your Mobile Money PIN when prompted. In case you don’t receive the PIN prompt, you can address this by dialing *303#, selecting Option 9 (My account), then Option 4 (My Approvals), choosing the relevant transaction, and finally entering the required PIN.
  • Zamtel
    To use Zamtel, log in and visit the Deposit section, specify the deposit amount, and press the “Deposit” button. A PIN prompt will be sent to your phone; input your Zamtel Mobile Money PIN to verify and confirm the deposit, promptly reflecting the amount in your Betlion Account.

Withdrawing Winnings

For withdrawals, log in and navigate to the account menu via the icon next to the deposit button. Select the “withdraw” option in the middle of the list, input your desired withdrawal amount (minimum ZMW 10), and click “WITHDRAW MONEY” to swiftly transfer the requested amount to your mobile money account.